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Statement of Principles for Pyareo Home

I am very pleased with your idea to establish a Home for disabled and elderly people. It is a wonderful thing if it can be done. It's a wonderful way of expression our gratitude to our elders.

Sant Ajaib Singh    (letter dated August 1, 1996)

The project which the dear ones have [started] for making the home for the older people and the handicapped people is very good. I hope that you will maintain the devotion with which you have started this project.

Sant Ajaib Singh    (interview comments to Steve Gigas, February 1997)

Purpose of Pyareo* Home and our Mission Statement

 As God resides in every heart, service of others is service of God. We therefore recognize a responsibility to all those who need our help at any time in their lives.

We particularly recognize the increasing fragility of life as we get older, and that many of us may need physical help and emotional support in order to maintain dignified and productive lives to the end.

 Our Mission Statement:

·        Pyareo Home is created to provide a loving and dignified living environment for the elderly and disabled members of our community, who meet criteria for residency.

·        We emphasize harmony and tolerance, and encourage a simple, meditative, spiritual lifestyle. At essence, we see one another -- residents, staff and volunteers -- as part of the same whole.

·        We provide support to residents to maintain their health, participate in activities, and generally maintain full lives.

·        We recognize residents' right to make their own health-care and financial decisions, and we promote their autonomy.

* In the Hindi language, "pyareo" means "dear ones" or "beloveds". The name thus reinforces our ideal of respectful service in all aspects of running Pyareo Home.