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Pyareo Home is a 501(c)(3) registered non-profit organization.

A non-profit facility is not expense-free. We need to meet the demands of change and the effects of fifteen years of age on the building. On-going monthly expenses are still incurred. Some of these expenses include: utilities, insurance premiums, mortgage payments, and salaries for the administrator and nurse, aides, caretaker, cooks, accountant and other part time staff. Pyareo depends on generous donors to bridge the gap between the operational costs and the residents’ ability to pay.

Please consider showing us your love and support through donation.

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PayPal calls setting up a monthly donation “subscribing.”(Clicking the “Subscribe” button  has nothing to do with receiving the newsletter). For donation amounts not listed to the right, please contact us.

Other ways to Give

(None of the following should be considered professional tax advice.  Please consult with your personal tax advisor to make sure these strategies are appropriate for your situation).

In-Kind Gifts

Instead of giving cash, some donors prefer to give something tangible that meets a specific need at Pyareo.  For example, once the son of a resident stayed at the Home while visiting his mother over the weekend.  At breakfast he noticed trouble with the toaster.  Instead of giving money for a new toaster, he went out and bought one.  He gave the receipt to Pyareo and received a letter from the bookkeeper that he had made a tax-deductible donation.  We plan to occasionally post a list of needed items.  Please contact the Administrator if you are interested.  It’s possible to donate a used item if in good working order.  For a used items the donor sets the (reasonable) value.  Also please make sure Pyareo needs a particular item before sending.
Appreciated Financial Assets

In addition to cash and physical products, Pyareo is happy to accept various financial assets.  Stocks, bonds, mutual funds, exchanged-traded funds can all be easily transferred to Pyareo.  Do you know the tax benefits of making gifts of securities to Pyareo?  For example, if you purchased stock in a company in 1995 for $5,000 and it is now worth $10,000 you would pay capital gains tax on the gain if it was sold.  But if you transfer $10,000 worth of stock to Pyareo you pay no tax and qualify for a $10,000 charitable organization deduction. To begin request a “Transfer to a Charitable Organization” form from your broker and follow the directions.  It’s not an instant process and it’s best to initiate the process before the end-of-the-year rush (early December or sooner).  Please contact Pyareo for more information.

IRA Charitable Rollover

Those who have an IRA and reach age 70 ½ receive a notice from their financial institution that they must take a Required Minimum Distribution (RMD).  The amount is figured on the size of the IRA and the life expectancy of the person.  There are IRS tables that calculate this and the financial institution sends out a check.  The check arrives with the unwelcome news that it is taxable.  But it turns out there is a way to take the RMD without a tax liability.  One can make a Qualified Charitable Distribution to a non-profit organization like Pyareo Home directly from the IRA and pay no income tax on the amount.  Or some of the amount could go to Pyareo and some to the account holder, allowing only the latter amount to be taxed.  Space does not allow a more detailed discussion of this.  Interested persons should see the “Are distributions taxable?” chapter in IRS publication 590, consult their tax adviser, or contact Pyareo for more general information.

Charitable Remainder Trust

This is often described as a “win-win” arrangement for both the donor and the institution.  A rule of thumb is that it should be funded with at least $100,000.  The basics are that a trust is set up that gives a donation to an charitable organization like Pyareo, this amount is not taxed, and the organization pays the donor an annual payment (something like 6% of the value). At some point the remainder of the donation passes to the institution.  Pyareo is just learning about this and invites interested supporters to collaborate in exploring the concept further.

We thank you for your continued love, support, and encouragement towards our mission.

Any amount helps! For donations online, please use the above PayPal link (button) to complete your transaction. PayPal is secure, easy to use, and does not require you to register for an account when making a one-time donation.

Send checks payable to 'Pyareo Home'

Pyareo Home
333 Brook Road
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Setting up an automatic recurring (monthly) donation is an easy and much appreciated way to support Pyareo Home. Your regular contributions help ensure our residents will always receive the quality care they deserve and need every day of the year. Donations are generally processed via PayPal the first week of each month. Another option is to set up a monthly automatic donation using your visa or master card account. An advantage of this method is that more of your money goes directly to Pyareo since there are little or no fees. Our Administrator will be happy to connect you to a staff member who has a great deal of experience in setting up direct withdrawals.



                                    Financial Information

                                     Pyareo Home, like other non-profits, is required to file form 990 "Return of Organization Exempt from Income Tax" with the IRS.  By law this form is made available to the public.  By following the link below you can see how important donations are to the operation of Pyareo.  The IRS is sometimes slow in  posting these forms.  You can contact Pyareo for the latest form.