- Member of New Hampshire Association of Residential Care Homes (NHARCH).
- A non-profit organization, with 501(c)(3) charitable status.

Pyareo Home is an extraordinary assisted living home, located in the quiet woodlands of the New Hampshire Lakes Region, just south of the White Mountains. It has been active for fifteen years. Pyareo's beautiful facility has only seven residential spaces where each individual receives personal care while preserving his or her unique nature.

The purpose of what we do at Pyareo is to provide loving physical and emotional support enabling the dear ones to maintain dignified, comfortable and gratifying lives to the end. We honor our residents and the caregivers who help us fulfill this mission.

Our competent staff choose to work at Pyareo because the workplace is unlike any other assisted-living place. We enjoy the family-like atmosphere where everyone has the time to get to know and love the people we are caring for.

For us, growing old is sacred; a natural and blessed time of life. We have an understanding and respect for what it means to leave one’s home. We know how hard it is to make the decision to seek help outside of one’s own space. We want to create a sense of independence through interdependence and appreciation for one’s life history and wisdom. At Pyareo, we strive to ease this transition for both residents and families. The immediate family of each resident generally forms his or her strongest links with the past - home, relations and memories, and we thus encourage the family to make sincere and sustained efforts in maintaining contact.

What we want for our aging family members is a loving, safe home to live out a fulfilling and joyful life. Pyareo is the living, breathing example of the ideal elder care home, surrounded by a greater supportive family.



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Pyareo stands out as an example of respect for every human being, regardless of their status in life. It has been a pleasure to assist those running the home in their efforts and I continue to look forward to doing so in the future. - Dr Michael Mayo-Smith